Dave's Meat & Nuts

Dave's Meat & Nuts

My goal is simply to provide amazing quality and unique flavors of Beef Jerky & Nuts, and to have some fun doing it. 

All my meats are done in a real smokehouse with the best cuts of the highest quality meat. The result is amazing flavor and truly the most tender jerky you will ever have. All my California Nuts are chosen for size and flavor, and then roasted and seasoned in small batches of unique flavors.  

I've spent my life in New York City working with some of the country's best chefs and restaurateurs. Now I have moved to the West Coast to get access to the country's best Meat & Nuts. I source only best ingredients from the U.S. in order to create clean, natural, and delicious flavors. 

Now I am focused on getting my Meat & Nuts in as many peoples mouths as I can. 

I'm glad you found me and I truly appreciate your business and feedback. 

                                                                                             David Gadlin

                                                                                             Chief Executive Jerk


Contact me at dave@davesmeatandnuts.com  I will personally get back to you within 24 hours. 

Tell your local store "I want Dave's Meat & Nuts!". 





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